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Thermal Dynamics New Cutmaster 60i with 20 Foot Torch – $1750


Miller Build with Blue Savings

Miller Build with Blue Savings

Buy select Miller products and get a great rebate.
For more Information call: 330-424-3134


LOOK!! LOW, LOW Cable Prices!

Orange Ultra-Flex 250' Cable Spools in STOCK!

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 7.42.40 PM

Price: 250' of 1/0 $625.00

Price: 250' of 2/0: $775.00


Lincoln Cross Country Welders in Stock!!


Financing Now Available!


Attention Pipeliners!

Just Arrived In Blue! ($14,900)
Miller Big Blue 400 PipePro

Miller's New Replacement for the PipePro 350
Stainless $15,800

Lincoln SAE300MP w/ 3 cyl. Kubota Engine

  • 4090-1 Gray (remote optional) $14,950.00
  • 4090-2 Gray with wireless remote  $16,700.00

K4089-2 & K4166-3 Stainless Steel SAE-300 MP & Cross Country 300 w/ Wireless Remote $17,300.00

Two of Lincoln's Finest and Newest Welding Packages:
  • K4089-2: SS SAE-300 MP w/ Wireless Remote
  • K4166-3: SS Cross Country 300 w/ Wireless Remote
  • Start, Stop and Adjust Welder Amps Up To 400' Away!
300x300300x300-00012098300x300 (1) Stop In and Test Weld Today!

Used Welders – Pipeline Engine Driven

Best Selection!
See our used welders and bargains we have right now!
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Lincoln Vantage 300 Now $11,300!!

Call us today to order yours! (800) 767-0276

Key Features of Vantage 300

The quiet, compact Vantage® 300 is an ideal choice for construction teams, pipe rig owners and rental fleet managers.

  • 1 Phase and 3 Phase Power
  • Output Range: 40-300A Pipe
  • 20-250A DC Tig
  • 14-32 V CV
  • Stainless steel panels offer added durabillity
  • Select one of five welding process modes
  • Plenty of AC Generator power
  • Tier 4 Final Kubota® diesel engine
Vantage 300 Sale Info Here

Lincoln Square Wave Tig 200

Square Wave TIG 200

Price: $1,567.00


Lincoln 300 and SAE-300 Deals with Remote Controls

Lincoln Electric Offering New Engine-Driven Welder Wired and Wireless Remote Control Models

For the Cross Country 300 and SAE-300 MP:

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 12.46.37 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 12.41.21 PM
  1. (Gray Remote on Top): Generous 125 ft. cable, Detachable Control Box can be stowed in your truck or job box, Customizable MIN/MAX Range is easy to set in seconds, K4268-1 model includes a 115V AC Auxiliary Power duplex receptacle
  2. (Orange Remote on Bottom): Small, weather-resistant remote fits right in your hand, 400 ft. range, depending on obstructions, Activate the glow plug anywhere from 1-30 seconds, Start or stop the engine, Activate high or low idle, Change the Fine Current Control output for stick welding.

Cross Country 300 Package Deals:

K4166-7: Gray Cross Country 300 (K4166-1) w/ 125 ft. Remote: $16,225.00

K4166-2: Gray Cross Country 300 (K4166-1) w/ Wireless Remote: $16,700.00

K4166-3: Stainless Steel Cross Country 300 (K4166-3) w/ Wireless Remote: $17,300.00

SAE-300 MP Package Deals:

K4089-7: Gray SAE-300 MP (K4089-1) w/ 125 ft. Remote: $16,225.00

K4089-2: Stainless Steel SAE-300 MP (K4089-1) w/ Wireless Remote: $17,300.00

K4090-7: Gray SAE-300 MP (K4090-1) w/ 125 ft. Remote: $15,825.00