Our History – Celebrating 51 Years in Business!

S. D. NOLD’S HISTORY – Celebrating 50 Years in Business! 1965-2016

On January 22, 1965 Lloyd Williamson purchased the S. D. Nold Co. on his 30th birthday. At this time he decided not to change the name of the company. It was primarily a welding shop with portable welding that sold steel and had a small cylinder business. Two years later, the Lincoln Electric Co. Dealership was acquired, and in 1971, Kathryn Williamson quit her job at Farmer’s National Bank and came to work at S. D. Nold.   Jay, 11, and Barry, 15, were now both working at S. D. Nold in the summer and on days off.

In 1974 S. D. Nold Co. sold over 600 Lincoln AC-225S welders! 1979 proved to be another busy year as S. D. Nold Co. became incorporated and the warehouse property across the street was purchased. A remodeling project began in November of 1982 where new windows were put in and the door was moved towards the center of the building. The following year the store front was remodeled. At this time, Lloyd was out working doing portable welding for oilfield companies while Jay was inside building up the sales.

In 1987, Bob Ervin was hired for outside sales and acquired larger accounts such as WCI, North Star Steel, Foster Wheeler, and Poling and Bacon. In 1997, Pat Ervin was contacted to purchase a computer and then asked, “what do we do with it?” She was then hired part time to figure that out (She still gets all the jobs that no one else wants to do). In September 1998, Loren Hood, just out of high school, was hired to do maintenance. He has been driving the trucks and helping customers in the shop since then. On October 13, 2002 Lloyd Williamson passed away unexpectedly. In March 2003, longtime employee, Russell Flory passed away as well.

The following month, Judd McCamon was hired and quickly proved to be the man who could fix just about anything. With his many talents, S. D. Nold Inc. expanded its expertise to become specialized in welder repair. A new welder repair shop was built at this time. Judd is currently repairing many engine driven welders, due to the shale boom along with any tough maintenance items that pop up. The next two employees were hired at 16 in 2008. Jay Jr. has gone through the ranks of learning the business, from painting the cylinders, to doing inventory.   Jennifer has learned to do office work, run errands, and clean while working at a speedy rate. Actually everyone cleans, from Kathryn at 81 to Jennifer and JJ at 22.

Unfortunately, from Nov. 2008 through July 2010 there was a big downturn with the recession. In the fall of 2010, at the encouragement of Jay’s wife Ruth, Jay’s brother-in-law Dr. Larry VanSuch started the S. D. Nold website to help promote the business. Jennifer now runs the website, taking pictures and listing used welders, along with general welding supplies.

In Nov. 2010, the shale boom started at a slow pace but S. D. Nold Inc.’s welder repair business was booming. In 2012, a new 30×64 storage building was built behind the warehouse for storage of new engine driven welders and pipeline welding supplies. In the fall of 2013,Barry and his wife Sharon moved back home from Florida. At this time, Barry and Jay Jr. received their CDL licenses to help with deliveries. Barry now delivers and makes sales calls. With inventory bulging and few places left to put it, S. D. Nold broke ground on a new store in front of the warehouse in the summer of 2014. The new store then opened in Spring of 2015 to celebrate the company’s 50 years in business!!